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People occasionally inquire about my online persona or nickname...



an·ni·hi·late (eh-ni-ilat)
an·ni·hi·lat·ed, an·ni·hi·lat·ing, an·ni·hi·lates
1) To destroy completely: The naval force was annihilated during the attack.  2) To reduce to nonexistence.  3) To defeat decisively; vanquish.  4) To nullify or render void; abolish.  v. intr. Physics
--To participate in annihilation, as an electron and a positron do.
[Late Latin annihilre, annihilt- : Latin ad-, ad- + Latin nihil, nothing; see ne in Indo-European Roots.]
annihilator \An*ni"hi*la`tor\, n. One who, or that which, annihilates; as, a fire annihilator. 
-Websters Dictionary

Perhaps, I should simply quote:

"He who cannot obey himself is commanded...The devotion of the greatest is to encounter risk and danger, and play dice for death...And life itself confided this secret to me: "Behold," it said, "I am that which must always overcome itself."...Indeed, the truth was not hit by him who shot at it with the word of the "will to existence": that will does not exist. For, what does not exist cannot will; but what is in existence, how could that still want existence? Only where there is life is there also will: not will to life but—thus I teach you—will to power... And whoever must be a creator in good and evil, verily, he must first be an annihilator and break values. Thus the highest evil belongs to the highest goodness: but this is creative."

Pt. II, On Self-Overcoming

     -Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spake Zarathusra

Maybe I should simply admit it was a character from an old Cyberpunk/Shadowrun campaign?  Neither would be entirely accurate, any more than the following website being the sum of who I am.