Penny Arcade Expo 2007


Access Granted Microsoft's booth with's Trixie (far right) Convention Lobby, outside the Main Theater and exhibition area Main Theater prior to the first event The NESKimoes running sound check Attendees find seats before the keynote speaker arrives PAX dieties known as "ball" floating in the air Wil Wheaton on stage
PAX 2007 Keynote speaker Wil tells the story of asking his son if there is ever a time it's ok to beat up a prostitute and take their money Tycho of Penny Arcade Gabe and Tycho arrive for their first Q&A session Tycho singing the rock ballad of Belruel A sea of cells and DS's as the audience responds positively to the impromptu song Random attendee gets to live the Penny Arcade entrance Pimpin' ain't easy
Uwe Boll, Penny Arcade villian #2 Girls in Games Industry Forum PAX takes over Seattle A random sample of the 30,000 attendees Terradrive LARP, Ultima Corporation players A new breed of "homeless" has invaded Seattle Gametap Booth's Laura Foy and crew play Rock Band
Bioshock life-size creature Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed Demo is well-attended Wil Wheaton p0wn'd my DS