Big Island Adventures


Arrival to the Nintendo House Nintendo's "Hale Pueo" House TV Room with ocean view Spacious Kitchen Living Room House comes with pool and hot tub Oceanfront view View of the backyard and house
View outside the front of our suite View from the back of our suite Peek at Nintendo's "Hale Honu" House View just outside the house Heading into the north part of the island Somewhere North Polulu Valley NW of Wimea
Legend of Sleepy Hollow Caught in our first tourist trap This scene could be WA or Hawaii Cactus! Scenic Point along Route 250 Playing Nintendo outside the suite House at night Heading southbound
Sightseeing in Kailua-Kona Kailua Bay Raining in South Kona South Kona scenic view Driver needs a break Hawaiian alternative energy in action The road to Ka Lae seemed so innocent The road less traveled
Southern-most tip of the US is just over there The tide is starting to come in Surf's up! It's romantic and stuff Even the trees are wind-blown We can't stay here, this is bat country! Some liquid courage before parasailing Turtles swimming in the water
Aren't white hats the villians? In all of the Japanese joints in all of the Hilo... Samarai on display Coconut Island in Hilo Hilo Rain Warm and near-dry White is the new black On the road again
Day 4: Another dry and sunny day Day 4: Passing by one of many coffee plantations Day 5: Passing by a grave site Day 6: The packing begins Nintendo House - Bathroom Nintendo House- Outside our bedroom Nintendo House- backyard Nintendo House- backyard
Nintendo House- Grill Time! Nintendo House- Kitchen Nintendo House- pantry Nintendo House- Hallway Nintendo House- Den/Family Room Nintendo House- Den Nintendo House- To the patio Nintendo House- Dining Room
Nintendo House- Living Room Nintendo House- Office space Nintendo House- Living Room Nintendo House- A view from a pool Nintendo House- Living room to outside Nintendo House- concrete details Day 6: Hanging out at the house Day 6: They sell babies?!?
Day 7: To the airport Day 7: Lots of miles Day 7: Goodbye red jeep Day 7: Waiting for the plane Day 7: On the plane Day 7: Mahalo!